“Oh, that we might know the LORD! Let us press on to know him. He will respond to us as surely as the arrival of dawn or the coming of rains in early spring.” – Hosea 6:3 (NLT)

This is one of my favorite verses to meditate on when I enter into a place of prayer, waiting for the Presence of God to fall. It reminds me that I can count on the Presence of God to show up whenever I press into him with a deep desire to know him. The scripture says he will respond to us. That means I have to press in first. And then he will come as surely as the sun rises and as surely as the rains come in the early spring.

Sometimes pressing in can be hard. We can become distracted by the thoughts of the day or by circumstances that took an unexpected turn. Even legitimate responsibilities and other relationships can tear us away from taking the time to press into God to get to know him. It’s at times like these when worship becomes a lifeline to me. A great time of worship can transport me away from all distractions and right into the Presence of God. When I can’t press in on my own, I find a way to be inspired to press. Here’s one of the ways I am inspired . . .




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